About us

Growth Sellers is an independent HR Consulting firm dedicated to providing a complete HR support services as per the need of the organizations. It has been operating since 2008 into the Nepalese market. Since its inception, it has been providing its quality services in HR and management consultancy in Nepalese corporation and development arena. It has covered various parts of HR domains like recruitment, HR policy, operational guideline development, organization restructuring and system development, human resource supply, employee productivity, professionalism development, performance management, salary survey, training and development, research and many more.


To develop Growth Sellers as leading HR company and strengthen human capital across the nation


  • Providing the best one stop and tailor made HR management service
  • Developing and maintaining a competent team of professional in all the areas
  • Enhancing competency via various training and development programs
  • Believing in passion, excellence, innovation, flexibility, integrity and positive approach


  • We have the passion to serve.
  • We commit what we can do.
  • We care for community and society.
  • We will not leave you when you are in trouble.
  • We value your satisfaction than the fees you pay.
  • We have individualistic approach towards customers.
  • We say no to almost nothing.
  • We offer total business solutions.
  • We have best of the talents.
  • We serve you with smile.