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We have always been driven by a passion to help individuals and organizations capitalize on growth opportunities through enhanced HR and management practices. We have been living this passion all the while, primarily through the design and delivery of innovative consulting services and rewarding corporate events. Despite the broad scope these service instruments have offered us to fulfill our passion, they, however, have always felt a bit limited as regards their reach and coverage.

The need, therefore, to reach out to a wider group through a single medium translated into the launch of our monthly magazine, ‘the HRM Nepal: Fostering Human Capital’ in 2021. The first English periodical magazine in the country exclusively dedicated to the HRM function, it brings out a vivid perspective of the overall Nepali HR ecosystem, presenting in-depth coverage of news, views, trends, stories, analyses, and a broad range of other pertinent issues and affairs.

The magazine was renamed “the HRM Nepal: Fostering HR & Business” in September 2022.

Within a short period of time, the magazine has developed a considerable readership base, and it has been particularly appreciated by the c-suite and senior management officials of organizations across industries.

Our Magazine Through The Years

Glimpses of our magazine “the HRM : Fostering HR & Business”