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Founder’s Message

Mohan Ojha

Starting at the entry level and gradually climbing up the organizational ladder to reach the position of Head of Department, I have had around two decades of work experience as an employee in multiple private sector organizations in Nepal.  During my tenure as a working professional, I witnessed the transformation of people management activity in Nepali organizations from a mere administrative function to a more formal personnel department and finally to a full-fledged HR department in recent times. Throughout this professional journey, I always felt the strong need for formalizing, strengthening, and strategizing the HR function in our organizations.

This very urge to work towards enhancing human capital in Nepali organizations prompted me to transition from an employee to an entrepreneur and establish Growth Sellers way back in 2008. We had humble beginnings, but after serving the Nepali corporate, development, and government sectors, among many others, through our HR and management consulting services for one and a half decades, today I can say with conviction and pride that Growth Sellers has indeed made notable contributions towards uplifting the HR and management practices in Nepali companies, both private and public.

Our efforts over these fifteen years have gone beyond business as usual, and we have always been driven by a core purpose: to make meaningful impacts. We as an organization genuinely believe each individual and institution is capable of generating value for society, and this is the very notion that has enabled us to come thus far, overcoming the challenges and difficulties along the way.

I believe the annual HR and corporate events and conferences that we have been conducting ever since our inception, and, moreover, the monthly magazine ‘the HRM Nepal: Fostering HR & Business’, our recent milestone, have been expressly effective in enriching the HR and management landscape of the country. Besides, it is a matter of immense pleasure for me that we have also been able to contribute to the different dimensions of non-profit, social, and humanitarian organizations through the various service offerings of Growth Sellers.

Going forward, we envisage becoming a leading HR and management solutions provider in the entire South Asian region, and we count upon the blessings and support of all of our valued stakeholders as we march towards this ambitious but attainable objective.

I take this opportunity to truly thank each individual and organization that has partnered with us in our ongoing pursuit of betterment.