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First instituted as a department of Growth Sellers in 2008 and later registered as an independent entity in 2016, Growth Leadership Academy, an autonomous sister concern of Growth Sellers, offers wide-ranging learning and development services aimed at individual and institutional capacity enhancement. The organization is a Certified Training Partner of SOCO Sales and Training, Singapore, and The Next Milestone Technologies, India.

Over the years, Growth Leadership Academy has been able to garner a notable identity among clients in the design and delivery of the following service offerings:

Training & Development

Growth Leadership Academy maintains a sizeable portfolio of off-the-shelf training and development programs with pre-designed content that cater to the workforce upskilling needs of a vast majority of organizations functioning in Nepal across most sectors and industries.

In addition to furnishing standardized training services, the organization also has a demonstrated track record of developing and implementing customized training and development programs that meet the distinctive demands of individuals.

Growth Leadership Academy conducts various workshops and seminars designed as tools to meet the needs of corporate entities for focused deliberations, knowledge sharing, problem-solving, and innovative idea generation on a diverse variety of topics and agendas.

Facilitated by accomplished national and international resource persons, our workshops and seminars present participants with rewarding prospects to equip themselves with hands-on knowledge and skills that they can practically apply at the workplace for individual and organizational growth.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching entails a highly proficient external coach providing guidance and support to senior executives to enable them to elevate their potential and pursuits.

Typically delivered via a series of
one-on-one reflective sessions, both
in-person and online, by accomplished executive coaches based in and outside Nepal, this service offered by Growth Leadership Academy goes a long way in enhancing organizational leadership performance in the country.

With its vast network of competent academicians and practitioners, Growth Leadership Academy specializes in carrying out applied research projects tailor-designed to fulfill the specialized requirements of clients.

Our research services extend from internal studies like Project Evaluation, Process Assessment, and Employee Engagement Survey to external examinations such as Market Research, Feasibility Study, and Customer Satisfaction Survey, and we certainly are a trusted and reliable name in this space.

Executive Exchange Program

Executive Exchange is a leadership development program designed to meet the needs of senior-level officials holding critical roles in organizations.

The program presents these top-rank leaders from across diverse functions, industries, and nationalities with a conductive setting, within or outside the country, to interact, share experiences, brainstorm over commonly faced challenges, and build long-lasting professional connections and networks.