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Growth Sellers is proud to organize HR Meet, an annual flagship conference that provides a powerful platform for HR professionals and practitioners to convene, discuss, and deliberate on HR issues of national, regional, and global importance. The conference attracts renowned national and international dignitaries from all corners of the globe and is an eagerly anticipated event among HR professionals within and outside Nepal. Since its establishment in 2008, we have successfully brought together an impressive number of national and global HR professionals as our valued participants.

Sales Summit

Sales Summit is an annual event organized by the Growth Leadership Academy (GLA) specifically for sales professionals. Its focus is to enhance and upgrade the job-related skill sets of salespeople, who are the backbone of any for-profit organization. The event was initiated in 2016 to ensure that those in charge of sales are up-to-date with all the in-demand knowledge and skills pertinent to the sector. Every year since then, the summit has provided fruitful opportunities for salespeople from multiple companies and industries across the country to benefit from valuable insights shared by domestic and offshore subject matter experts.

Nepal Management Conclave

The Nepal Management Conclave is a national-level annual conference that provides a vibrant stage for top-level organizational officials to have a focused discussion on contemporary management issues and new trends and practices at the national and international level. The foremost purpose of the event is to enrich the leadership and strategic planning acumen of senior managers in organizations. Anchored and moderated by leading experts from within Nepal and abroad, the event does present a highly effective forum for participants to share experiences, co-create knowledge, and build long-lasting professional networks.

Corporate Club Nepal has been organizing the event since 2018, and it has certainly been helpful in nurturing organizational leadership in the country.

Excellence Series

An endeavor of Growth Sellers, Excellence Series is a monthly talk program that brings in domain experts and leaders for interactive reflections on different themes and topics relevant to Nepali organizations and society. Introduced in 2018 as a talk series comprising 12 monthly episodes every year, the event does offer a productive forum for knowledge sharing and the exchange of ideas.

Awards for Corporate Excellence & Awards for Distinguished Services

A prestigious annual event in the Nepali corporate arena, the Awards for Corporate Excellence & Awards for Distinguished Services present accolades across various categories to individuals and institutions in recognition of excellence in corporate policies, programs, and performance, social and professional contributions, and outstanding service to society. Organized by Corporate Club Nepal, the event aims to encourage the awardees to continue with and further strengthen their superior practices while inspiring others to achieve their best performance and contribute towards enriching professional and institutional capital in the country.

first episode of this annual event was conducted in 2021, and today it stands as one of the most cherished and awaited affairs in the