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HR & Management Consulting

We provide standardized and customized consulting services in a broad array of functions pertaining to HR and management. It is a set of services through which we value adding contributions to the client organizations.

Executive Search

Executive search service is the forte of Growth Sellers, and we have been able to accomplish this adopting a highly personalized approach to the specific need of each individual client.

Job Portal

With smart and user-friendly tools and features, the job portal of Growth Sellers  ( serves as an effective interface between employers and job seekers. The site does offer to find qualified candidates efficiently.

Vacancy Process Outsourcing

Growth Sellers offers this services, where an organization outsources its employee recruitment process to an external service provider. We carry out recruitment proceedings on behalf of the client, except for the final hiring decision.

Training and Development

Growth Sellers possesses a large collection of pre-made training and development programs with pre-established content that meets the upskilling requirements of a diverse array of organizations across multiple sectors and industries in Nepal.

Workshop and Seminar

Growth Sellers hosts workshops and seminars that are specifically crafted to cater to the requirements of businesses. These events facilitate in-depth discussions, knowledge, finding solutions, across a diverse range of subjects and objectives.

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